About Trailhead


A Great Adventure...

We are on a great adventure in faith.  

To guide us on the journey of following Jesus, we've prayerfully considered what we value (CORE VALUES), the direction God's calling his followers to go (VISION), and what he's calling us to do to get there (MISSION).

Below is a snapshot of what we are about. We'd love for you to be a part of this great adventure!

Our Vision & Mission


Our Vision is for the Longmont region to flourish with the Good News of  Jesus as the gospel transforms individuals, systems and culture. 


Sometimes church “vision" can become clouded. It can end up being consumeristic, "edutainment", personality driven and packaged.  Jesus wasn't any of those things--and that's not his vision for the church.  He was genuine, accessible, thoughtful, brillant, honest, serving and loving in all He did.  As he called people to faith in him, he was calling them into a kingdom movement to love their neighbor--near and far--in the way he loves us. This is really the way a persons heart and the soul of a community are transformed.  We long to be a church where Jesus' fingerprints--not ours--would be visible throughout the Longmont region.  So our vision isn't for our church, it's really a vision for what Jesus is doing and will continue to do in this world.  We simply want to be an active part of that as we journey together in following him. 


Our Mission is to be a people adventuring together in faith as we engage our neighbor with authentic relationship, resilient hope, and risky love


The incarnation--that God became flesh in Jesus--is the heart of our mission.  While we'll gather for worship and fellowship, we know being the church is about much more than people coming on Sunday.  It's about the church going into the world everyday to love people simply where they are. In seeing others as beloved of God--whoever they are or whatever they've done--our mission is to build relationships which flow from the hope and love Jesus has lavished upon us.

Our Core Values

At Our Core We Value:

  • Kingdom Vision over corporate brand.  We exist to serve Jesus’ Kingdom work in the world, not ours.

  • Crossing Boundaries over a homogenous church.  We are passionate about fostering intergenerational, cross-cultural, and differing socio-economic relationships. 
  • Thoughtful Faith over simplistic belief.  We will always prayerfully consider how life/culture and faith connect. 
  • Relational Ministry over programmatic church. We think the Gospel is best passed on from person to person and that fostering community is really important.
  • Radical Hospitality over consumeristic experience. We’ll welcome, serve and connect people in genuine and meaningful ways.

Why "Trailhead"?

The name “Trailhead” was chosen because a trailhead is where a journey or adventure begins.  Colorado is flush with all kinds of trailheads and God is creating this church to be a new trailhead…one where we journey together in the great adventure of faith…a people who are part of a movement into the world God loves, not a destination where people attend. 

Why a new church?

“Dozens of studies have confirmed that the average new church gains most of its new members (60–80%) from the ranks of people who are not attending any worshiping body, while churches over ten to fifteen years of age gain 80–90 percent of new members by transfer from other churches. An average new church will bring six to eight times more new people into the life of the body of Christ than an older church of the same size.”

—Tim Keller, “Why Plant New Churches”

Trailhead Church is a part of a growing, multiethnic movement known as The Covenant Church (ECC). The Covenant Church values the Bible as the word of God, the gift of God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ, the call to extend God’s love to a hurting world, and the strength that comes from unity within diversity...including the full gifting and calling of women in leadership/ministry.